To be a global name and a tool that empowers citizens to create sustainable wealth and inclusive economies.


Delivering in an outstanding manner consistently, We go several steps beyond the norm to deliver measurable value to our stakeholders.


Amb Grace Newman is a train banker with 8years of experience.

An entrepreneur who is very passionate about modern technology, Agriculture, value addition, food security and empowerment. She has HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA in ACCOUNTANCY and BACHELOR in FINANCE AND BANKING (BS) at  University of Port Harcourt and a member of institute of chartered bankers. She is passionate about raising a generation of African young Entrepreneur who are informed, self-reliant and changing the economic narrative of Africa through Skillful business ventures. She is a team member of  TELPECON , A partner and REP of 50millions woman speak Ecowas.She inspires, educate and empower through her  trainings, conferences,  mentorship program. She is the FOUNDER/CEO of BLUEPRIME GLOBAL INITIATIVE with membership over 70,000 and 69 Clusters round the nation.AlsoCEO GRACENEW WORLD LTD and LETSCREER NEWCONCEPTS. An innovative Agric business Company.Finally, President Mega Alliance cooperative investment and credit society limited. Cooperative arms of BLUEPRIME GLOBAL INITIATIVE with members across over the nation.She is an ADVOCATE of ZERO HUNGER And PASSIONATE about using Agriculture as job creation venture for the unemployed African youths.

Who We Are: BLUEPRIME GLOBAL INITIATIVE is a Community Based Organization,  Microfinance Initiative, started as and 1st launched in 2007 as Co-operative based (MEGA Alliance co-op investment and credit society LTD. It attained Charity Status and was up-graded to an Incorporated Trustee Now. and enrolled with the apex NGO body of Nigeria. The organization was founded to operate a transparent Charity that source financial aid for vulnerable persons, all genders but most especially youths and women.   Our mandate includes Child Education, Health care, Entrepreneurship skills training, Mentoring programs and Social and Financial Inclusion. We deliver such awards through a SUPPORT from GENERAL PUBLIC, standard and verifiable financial operation system digitally synchronized with Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) and other relevant Government regulatory agencies.  To achieve this, the organization necessarily will operates as a non-bank microfinance institution with effective financial inclusion Clusters across the nation. These are intra-regulated in professional affiliation with ANMFIN Association of Non-bank Microfinance Institutions of Nigeria. With these settings and structure, Board, Management and staff wish to help you achieve your desired goals of joining BLUEPRIME GLOBAL INITIATIVE